Sam Smith’s Boatyard has been celebrating summer on beautiful Otsego Lake for over 50 years, and there's always been a multitude of things to see and do. From Lakeside dining and shopping to fishing and boat rentals, a visit to Sam Smith’s is an adventure for the whole family. Spend a relaxing day exploring the natural splendor of James Fenimore Cooper’s fabled “Glimmerglass” in a rental boat --  choose  one from our fleet of canoes and kayaks, fishing boats and pontoon barges. Fishing licenses, fishing poles and live bait are also available.

 “The water’s ability to soothe the spirit works its magic every time.”

When you begin to feel a bit peckish, head to Cooperstown’s “hotspot,” The Blue Mingo Grill at Sam Smith’s for a casual lunch out on the Adirondack style Lakeside porch, or take out a meal and picnic on the sparkling water. Come back for dinner and slip into evening with cocktails or wine and enjoy one of the Mingo’s superb meals, all in a setting that will lighten the spirit and renew the soul. If you're here on a lucky night, the full moon will rise across the Lake above the far hills, a thrilling sight for everyone.

And then, while you’re still at the Boatyard, be sure to explore Lake Classic Outfitters, where you’ll find a sophisticated variety of sports and resort clothes, home and garden furnishings, gifts and entertainment trappings.

If you own your boat, Sam Smith’s Boatyard, the only full-service marine facility on the Lake, is your source for total care, both winter and summer. Our first-rate mechanics can address all boat and motor issues; haul and launch your boat; put it safely to bed for the Winter; and wake it up in the Spring.












Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Contact us: 607 - 547 - 2543

Please call the Boatyard Office ½ hour before closing time for after-hours use.

 Please call the Boatyard Office to make arrangements for any planned outing that does not conform to the published schedule.