Total Care Program

The Premier Program for Peace-of-Mind Boat Ownership For Powerboats, Pontoon Boats, and Deck Boats

The Total Care Program includes:

• A full year of boat storage.

• Launching and hauling as requested.

• Summarization of motor.

• Winterization of motor.

• Interior cleaning in Spring.

• Enrollment in battery program.

• Spare key service.

• Priority scheduling for any additional mechanical service, with a 20% discount on labor rate after 1st hour.

• Discounted gas.

• Routine gas fill-up upon request.

• Shrink-wrap in the fall for outside storage customers.


POWERBOATS - Summer and Winter Storage

Summer Inside

Winter Inside 

Summer Inside

Winter Outside 

Summer Outside

Winter Inside

Summer Outside

Winter Outside

Up to 14'  
$2,586.10 $2,284.59 $2,223.10 $2,048.20
15' to 18'
$3,006.10 $2505.80 $2,448.60 $2,255.00
19' to 22'     $3,476.00 $2,943.60 $2,868.80 $2,468.40



PONTOON & DECK BOATS - Summer and Winter Storage
  Summer Outside/Winter Inside Summer Outside/Winter Outside
Up to 17' $2,366.10 $2,136.20
18' to 20' $2,598.20 $2,348.50
21' to 24' $2,977.70 $2,568.50



• Program fees will be billed in January and may be paid in three (3) installments due no later than: January 15; May 15; October 15. Bills paid in full by January 15 will receive a 5% discount.

• Sam Smith’s Boatyard accepts MasterCard and Visa.


• Participants will be responsible for any gear or personal belongings left in or around any boat at any time.

• Sam Smith’s Boatyard will not be held responsible for normal wear and tear of boats, motors, or trailers during the normal course of launching and hauling, including, but not limited to, damages to propellers and hitches.

• All trailers used in conjunction with this program must meet our minimum safety standards and shall be equipped with a tongue jack and functional hand winch.

• All boats must have a valid Certificate of Insurance on file in the Boatyard Office.

• Participants who wish to personally perform repair and maintenance on their boats must first make the necessary arrangements with the Boatyard Office.

• Enrollment in the Total Care Program is for one full year.

• There will be no refunds to participants who withdraw from the Total Care Program after June 1st.

Prices and fees are subject to change without notice.





Monday - Friday

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Contact us: 607 - 547 - 2543

Please call the Boatyard Office ½ hour before closing time for after-hours use.

 Please call the Boatyard Office to make arrangements for any planned outing that does not conform to the published schedule.